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TEACHING & Guided Studies Projects

BIGY7763 - Biology and Biotechnology for Bioinformatics - Fall semesters

BEGY9453 -  Engineering Tissue Regeneration - Spring Semesters

Guided Studies - Projects

Biomedical Engineering -

Bioinformatics -

1) Cancer Neoantigens - We have a project to develop pipelines to identify novel cancer targets focused on noncoding DNA. This focuses on working with DNA sequencing data or protein seq.

2) Immune Cell Identity - We have a project to define the quantitative systems biology of different immune cell types, focusing on the master transcription factors and how they tune cell identity. This focuses on RNA sequencing data.

3) T-cell Receptor Bias - We have a project to study the bias of different T-cell receptors found in people and towards specific targets. This works with DNA and RNA sequencing data. 

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