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Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering @NYU Tandon

Associated Faculty, Dept. of Pathology @NYU School of Medicine

Member, Translational Immunology Center and Perlmutter Cancer Center

Program Director, MS in Bioinformatics @NYU Tandon Online

Postdoc @NYU Langone |PhD @UT Austin |BS @UC San Diego 


My research interests have spanned the entirety of biology, from development, genetics, to biotechnology. The commonality though has been editing the genome. I am continually fascinated by the mysteries within genomes, how and why they're arranged, and the possibilities of writing them anew. I'm originally from Southern California, and spent many years in Austin, TX. Before joining the faculty at NYU, I was employee #3 at a recently acquired biotech startup called Neochromosome Inc (now a subsidiary of Opentrons Robotics).

Fun Facts: Long ago I was a swing dancer, frontman/guitarist in a band, and did musical theater. Now you'll find me kayaking, hiking, and enjoying the city.

David Truong, PhD

Research Team

Postdoctoral Fellows


Prior Postdoc @Columbia University

PhD and BS, Biochemistry @Arizona State University


I’m originally from South Korea, but I call Arizona home. I explored various fields of science, from membrane protein biophysics (NMR) to CRISPR-transposon biochemistry and structural studies. I wanted to expand my scientific training to the application side of genome engineering, and I became interested in stem cell research and cell therapies.

Fun facts: I played the piano with the legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea on stage once. I am a passionate jazz fan, and I love cooking and baking.

Minjoo Kim, PhD
Dec 2021 -  present


PhD, Biomedicine @CRG Barcelona

BS/MS, Medical Biotechnology @University of Naples


My hometown is Naples, in the South of Italy. I obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in medical biotechnology at the University of Naples, where I acquired my background in cell biology, with an emphasis on the cell secretory pathway and protein folding. Before joining NYU, I completed my PhD in biomedicine at the CRG in Barcelona, where I had the opportunity to study and work in the field of stem cell biology. My goal is to deepen my knowledge of synthetic biology and apply it to stem cells for cutting-edge cancer and regenerative medicine therapies.

Fun facts: I do love reading. I’m also really passionate about art in general. And I like to travel and get to know different customs and cultures.

Photo_Serena F_edited.jpg
Serena Generoso, PhD
Sep 2022 -  present


PhD, @Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), Japan

MD, @University of Tsukuba, Japan


I am from Japan. I originally worked as a physician, especially specializing in the kidneys. Then, I had researched focusing on kidney energy metabolism and kidney organoids, and obtained my PhD at TMDU. I would like to study immunology, intracellular therapy and genome editing techniques at NYU.

Fun facts: I like to watch baseball games. I am not a good trader, but I enjoy stock trading.

Tomoki Yanagi, MD, PhD
Apr 2023 -  present

PhD Students

PhD student, Biomedical Engineering @NYU Tandon

MS and BS, Biomedical Engineering @Stony Brook University


I am originally from Queens, so I’ve been in NYC my whole life. I have a bachelor’s and master’s in biomedical engineering from Stony Brook University.  My research background is in synthetic biology, and my goal for my PhD is to use synthetic biology to design and create new disease treatments. My research interests include genetic engineering, immunology, and stem cell biology.

Fun Facts: I did a minor in studio art in college, I play piano and guitar, and I have a pet bird. 

Sarah Levovitz, MS
Sep 2021 -  present

PhD student, Biomedical Engineering @NYU Tandon

MS and BS, Bioengineering @University of California, Riverside


Hiya! I moved around a lot before settling in Bakersfield, CA (fun fact, it was recently named the worst city in America to grow up in). I've explored research in many exciting ways, including entomology, diagnostics, MRI, and machine learning, before finally settling down with biotechnology. I love solving problems and hope to use stem cells to treat immune disorders.

Fun Facts: I don’t have any set-in-stone hobbies so I pick up whatever sounds fun. So if you ever want to talk about learning languages, making kombucha, playing D&D, or anything else, just let me know!

Sumanth Dara, MS
Sep 2022 -  present

PhD student, Biomedical Engineering @NYU Tandon

MS, Biotechnolgy and Entrepreneurship @NYU Tandon

BS, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering @University of Pennsylvania


Hello! I’m from the small town of Cranford, NJ, which is not so far from the city. I’m currently a second year master’s student in the biotechnology and entrepreneurship program at NYU Tandon. Before coming to NYU, I got my bachelor’s in chemical and bimolecular engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, so if you need a good cheesesteak recommendation for a visit to Philadelphia, let me know! I’m very interested in oncology, neurodegenerative disorders, genetics, and the biotech industry.

Fun Facts: I am a professional theatre director and stage manager here in the city. I do photography and graphic design, and I’m very interested in activism.

SusannaJaramilloPIC copy_edited.jpg
Susanna Jaramillo
Sep 23' - present 
Jun 22' - Aug 23' Technician
Sep 21' -  May 22' MS student

MS Students

MS Thesis student, Biology (Bioinformatics) @NYU GSAS

BS, Biology/Physiology, @University of Washington, Seattle


I am originally from Las Vegas but I currently call Seattle my home after studying and then working there. I was originally premed and before I switched to research I had taken the MCAT and was a full time medical scribe. After switching I worked at a late series B synthetic biology startup as an associate scientist for a year where I was engineering strains of bacteria and yeast for the production of designer enzymes. I also worked in the company’s LIMS team and business development teams where I developed my interest in bioinformatics and further explored my interest in the business side of biotech. I am very excited to be here at NYU where I can once again be a student, broaden and deepen my knowledge base in MCD bio, and conduct medical research that is more aligned with the interests I developed during my premed era alongside my new interest in bioinformatics. 

Fun Facts: I once took my leaking inflatable paddle board out on a lake 80 miles from the nearest city. I had to pump it up on the water to stay afloat but that little bit of danger was not enough to stop me from making that trip xD. I also enjoy photography, archery, and Magic: the gathering.

Shean Fu Phen
Sep 2023 -  present

MS Thesis student, Biomedical Engineering @NYU Tandon

BS, Biomedical Engineering @University of Minnesota - Twin Cities


Hello! I am currently a second year Master's student at NYU Tandon studying Biomedical Engineering. Originally, I am from Minnesota and got my bachelor of science in biomedical engineering at the University of Minnesota. I have dipped my toe into research by doing internships at the Mayo Clinic and UMN revolving around deep brain stimulation and autophagic markers. I am interested in going down a route more related to tissue engineering and synthetic biology, so I am very excited to be a part of this team!

Fun Facts: When not studying, I like do paint & draw, hang out with my friends, play guitar and violin, and listen to music (currently doing a 1001 album listening project!)

Federico Jimenez
Feb 2024 -  present


Junior, Biomolecular Sciences @NYU tandon

Hi! I am from Istanbul and lived there for 19 years before coming to NYC for college, so I’ve always been fond of living in a big city. I am a rising sophomore at NYU Tandon, studying Biomolecular Science with a minor in Computer Science. I worked in a tuberculosis molecular epidemiology lab last year. The possibilities of applying molecular biology to find solutions in the health field motivate me to pursue my studies, and I am very excited to be involved with research in genetic engineering and synthetic biology, which have significant implications in the future.

Fun Facts: I love exploring the tri-state area whenever I get the chance. I play the guitar, sing, and take photographs in my free time. Learning about different cultures always interests me, and New York is one of the best places to be exposed to all types of cuisines and people. 

Ece Aydin website photo_edited.jpg
Ece Aydin
Jun 2022 -  present
Summer student

Senior, Biomolecular Sciences @NYU tandon

Hi there! I am originally from Barbados, but I’ve grown to love NY as a second home since moving here for college. I am a senior at NYU Tandon doing my BS/MS in Biomolecular Science and Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Math. I enjoy problem solving almost as much as I enjoy exploring biology, which is why bioengineering and biotechnology have always fascinated me. I’m mostly interested in genetics, regenerative medicine and immunology, and I’m excited to be involved in the process behind developing solutions in these fields.

Fun Facts: I love to play the piano, travel, read and swim. I’m also a major foodie, so I’m always interested in trying new places and cuisines!

Brianna Williams
Jun 2023 -  present
Senior Thesis student

Past Members

Eunice Chai photo.png
Eunice Chai
Jan - May 2022

MS student, Biotechnology @NYU Tandon

BS @University of Connecticut

Robby Moebius
Jan - May 2022

MS student, Biomedical Engineering @NYU Tandon

BS, Biomedical Engineering @Texas A&M

After: Sales Rep, Stem Cell Technologies

SruthiMetukuru copy.jpg
Sruthi Metukuru
Jun - Dec 2022

MS student, Biotechnology @NYU Tandon

BE, Biotechnology @Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute

After: Research Technician, Mount Sinai

Daniela Quijano
Sep - Dec 2022

MS student, Bioinformatics @NYU Tandon

BS, Biochemistry @Florida State University

After: Solutions Architect, Tempus Labs 

Charlee Cobb
Sep 22' - May 23'

MS student, Bioinformatics @NYU Tandon

BIGY7683 Course Assistant

BS, Journalism @Ohio University

After: Data Analysit, Pfizer 

Alasia Miller
Jan - May 23'

MS student, Bioinformatics @NYU Tandon

BS, Biomedical diagnostics @Michigan State

Sheila Atieno pic 1_edited.jpg
Sheila Atieno
Jan 22' - May 23'

MS student, Biomedical Engineering @NYU Tandon

BS, Biophysical Sciences @Regents University
After: GMP tech, Duke University

Aarushi Varshney
Sep 22' - May 23'

BS student, Biomolecular Sciences @NYU Tandon

After: Johnson and Johnson

IMG_3393 (2)_edited_edited.jpg
Kacie Carrier
Jun 23' - Aug 23'

BS student, Chemical Engineering @NYU Tandon

UGSRP Summer student

IrisBibolli_pic copy_edited.jpg
Iris Biboli
Jun 22' - Aug 23'

BS student, Biomolecular Sciences @NYU Tandon

UGSRP Summer student

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