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Lab Code of Conduct

Please respect one another | Do not view each other as competition | Setbacks happen; don't beat yourself up over it | Take care of yourself and your mental health | Strive to push beyond your known intellectual and physical limits | Get comfortable with not knowing | Be a good lab citizen; clean up for the next person | Share you knowledge and wisdom |

Mentoring Philosopy

Your success is my success. I'll personalize training as needed, and do my best to ensure you're on track for your chosen career, whether it be academia, industry, or beyond. I also think it goes without saying, but perhaps not: this is an inclusive environment! We welcome and value people, viewpoints, and lifestyles from anywhere.


Lab Links

Lab Resources

Genomics Essential

UCSC Genome Browser

COSMIC Database

String Db

Homebrew Software Package Installer


Lab Advice

For undergrads, masters students, aspiring PhD students.

Space in research laboratories is limited. But one of the most important experiences at your level is whether you have meaningful exposure to scientific research (and ideally independent work). If you are in engineering/science do everything you can to get that experience. If you're lucky enough to have a choice, choose carefully the field, because it sets you on a path that takes great effort to change.

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